Powerful staff management.

Ubookr gives you an unrivalled level of control over your staff management so you always have the best team member working at the right time and place.


Accept online bookings on your website with the option of either a booking popup or an embedded online booking form.

Enable online bookings on Facebook and other social platforms via a convenient ‘Book Now’ button to grow your business.

Customise the look and functionality:
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Manage multiple bookings in various locations.

Real-time Google Calendar synchronisation ensures your personal and non Ubookr appointments never clash or overlap.

Drag and drop interface lets you arrange everything how you need it, save and trigger calendar invites and phone notifications to the people involved.

Filter your bookings by staff member, service type or location. Display options include months, weeks, days or the intuitive staff planner view.

The Ubookr calendar works brilliantly with teams of any size.
Simple and intuitive schedule management helps you achieve maximum efficiency and increase your profits.
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From the photo-shoot right through to the retouching and colour correction, you go to extreme lengths to ensure your images are great.

Why be let down at the delivery stage with a boring folder download or messy hard-to-use website? Deliver your photos in beautifully presented high definition online albums that your customers will love.

When you share an album Ubookr sends a well designed email featuring a hero image and a link to open the album.

The album displays your images as a clean, modern grid layout and has essential features like logo watermarking and multiple file-size options for downloads.
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Never run out of storage again. Ubookr's high speed cloud storage solution means you can store all of your images in one convenient, highly secure location.

Searching for images is also now super easy as they are stored with the bookings they were taken for. This means that if you know the customer or the job address you'll access your images in seconds and never have to search through backup drives again.

We've kept costs low so you never need rush out and buy another external drive.

Read more about Cloud Storage
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Ubookr further improves your business workflow by integrating with Xero and QuickBooks. Connect to either of these apps today to see a noticeable difference in time spent on accounts.
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iOS & Android app

The free Ubookr app allows you to view all the important information about your upcoming appointments as well as create new appointments while you're out on the road or at other appointments.

Then there's the one-touch navigation launch to your next appointment which is brilliant when you are on the road!
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What makes Ubookr so great?

Ensuring the right team member is allocated to a job can be very complex. Factors like availability, skill sets, customer relationship and work territory all need to be taken into consideration.

But don't worry, Ubookr is the intelligent scheduling platform that takes all of these settings and calculates optimum staff availability for you.

It's like having Albert Einstein as your virtual assistant.

We work out the complex scheduling for you.

Available hours

Set which days of the week and hours of the day each of your team members work.

Travel times

The drive time required between incoming bookings is calculated. Only time slots that fit the job duration and drive time are offered.

Google calendars

Available times can take into consideration 'busy' events in any synchronised Google calendar so nobody ever get's double booked.

Work territory

Use the work area mapping tool to create work territories. Assign which staff members work in that territory and on what days.

Skill set

Assign which services each of your staff are able to perform. Incoming bookings are then placed with the right team member.

Customer preferred

Let's face it, sometimes people just don't work well together. Ubookr lets you designate which staff are available for each customer.

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What they think...

If it only saves you a couple of hours a month it’s a brilliant investment. It saves me a whole lot more than that.

Jamie Watson
Meteorwrite, Sydney

I've found Ubookr to be a great asset to our business. The simple live diary means our clients can book without delay.

Peter Kassis
Asset Photographers

Ubookr has helped Top Snap achieve & maintain a 98% customer satisfaction rating for a number of years.

Ralf Barschow
CEO of Top Snap

Ubookr is the total package for us, from taking bookings through to invoicing. It keeps all our remote staff in sync.

Chris McCallum
Incredible Images

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